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Yehi’am Fortress, Challenging tour in the north

  • Length: 2.5 hours
  • Area: North Israel

An exceptional and challenging experience full of adrenaline, so that you will not forget the fortress of Yehiam in the north of Israel, come with us to discover the best Tours in the north of Israel

During one of the Tours in the north of Israel, we suggest you Visit the Yehi’am Fortress

The mission: Daher al-Umar, ruler of the Galilee in the 18th century, was brutally murdered by his own guards at his home – the Yehi’am Fortress. His spirit haunts the place until today.
Unsuspectedly, you walked into the fortress and woke Daher’s spirit. Now his spirit won’t let you leave…

In order to escape, as a group, you will have to solve a series of mysterious riddles in under 60 minutes. Collaboration and creative thinking are key to your success.

Location: Yehi’am Fortress in the North of Israel

  • The riddles are challenging and require “out of the box” thinking and teamwork
  • All members of the team are needed to successfully manage the task
  • All teams collectively work together to ensure everyone’s escape
  • During the game you will come across new electronic gadgets and innovative technology you haven’t seen yet
  • Each team will be accompanied by a personal guide to look over the team’s safety and make sure everyone is enjoying the game from start to finish
מבצר יחיעם In the Fortress
מבצר הבריחהThe view
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