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"Our guide was very knowledgeable" / Ifat Kamin

Yotam our guide was very knowledgeable the pace of the tour was perfect we enjoyed the sights, the history getting a hit if understanding to Jerusalem in the past and present. We will be happy to use your services again in the future.
Communication was very good as well using email and WhatsApp making it easy to get in touch both while home in the US and when in Israel.

"They said the tour and the guide were excellent!" / Joe Barkai


We have hired your guides several times in the past, most recently in January last year. We often refer friends and friends of friends to you with excellent feeback. Just heard from people who returned from a 2-day private tour through Bee travel. They said the tour and the guide were excellent!
Keep up the good work!
Joe Barkai

"Roi is the 3rd or 4th guide we hired through you" / Joe Barkai

Hi Bat-El,
We had a great tour with Roi. My guest is in transit to the US but I think he had a very good time. I will ask him to email you directly, so you have another reference for the tour guide
Roi is the 3rd or 4th guide we hired through you, and each guide has been better than the previous ones…. Keep it up! Roi is an excellent guide in Jerusalem and I will be in touch in a couple of months to discuss having him as guide again.


"We feel lucky to have had someone so open minded" / John Michael Murr

We loved it. Yotam is a great tour in Jerusalem and we feel lucky to have had someone so open minded, easy going and knowledgeable.
It was a special day for the three of us in Jerusalem

"It happened with the perfect rhythm" / Olivier Basso

Hi there,
A quick word to tell you that the guided tour in Jerusalem with Ram was a great experience for me ! It happened with the perfect rhythm and provided me with a very nice discovery of Jerusalem: I enjoyed a lot the exploration and Ram’s guidance was very relevant with a nice mix of history, architectural reflections and personal insights.

Many thanks for this opportunity !

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