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Tel Aviv Tours and Jaffa

Tel Aviv tours made just for you! The beautiful ancient city of Jaffa and one of the most innovative cities in the world, Tel Aviv

We offer selected tours of Tel Aviv and old Jaffa. These tours are suitable for a variety of groups and can be adapted to your interests and needs. Tours are usually three to four hours long and can be given in Hebrew, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic and lots of other languages.

Every Tour guide in Tel aviv will explain to you that Tel Aviv is “the first Hebrew city” and the beating heart of Israel at present. It was founded in 1909 as part of the realization of the Zionist vision, was conquered by the British, and was the focus of Jewish immigration. Tel Aviv was the site of the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel. Since then it has only continued to develop and serve as a desirable destination for countless tourists, both from Israel and abroad. The city embodies important cultural institutions. Through expertly guided tours you can experience many aspects of this city from a fascinating and much richer perspective.

Unique Tel Aviv tours

Tel Aviv Doesn’t stop even for a moment. Every year, and especially during the busy tourist periods (“high season”), there are modern tours, which can be arranged around a specific topic. This summer, for example, you can take a tour following the songs of Israel’s greatest singer, Arik Einstein, or even get to know the art of the graffiti in South Tel Aviv through an enjoyable tour of the city.

The excellent culinary aspect of Tel Aviv is always evident, and can also be found in the tours themselves: a tasty tour of the Carmel Market, for example, or a tour of Tel Aviv’s legendary cafes. By the way, it is not necessary for your tour to take place on foot. Bicycles or Segways can come into the picture and make the experience even more unique.

Here you can find a small part of our Tel Aviv Special Tours., We offer a wide variety of tours in our Hebrew site and we are prepared to coordinate all our tours in a variety of languages, so please just ask!

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