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Caza del tesoro

Caza del tesoro

Un juego interactivo en Jerusalén o Jaffa

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Excursiones de varios días

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"We feel lucky to have had someone so open minded" / John Michael Murr

We loved it. Yotam is a great tour and we feel lucky to have had someone so open minded, easy going and knowledgeable.
It was a special day for the three of us in Jerusalem

"It happened with the perfect rhythm" / Olivier Basso

Hi there,
A quick word to tell you that the guided tour in Jerusalem with Ram was a great experience for me ! It happened with the perfect rhythm and provided me with a very nice discovery of Jerusalem: I enjoyed a lot the exploration and Ram’s guidance was very relevant with a nice mix of history, architectural reflections and personal insights.

Many thanks for this opportunity !

"thanks for the EXCELLENT job Eldad did on our Via Dolorosa tour" / Garrett W. Doak

Hi Beetravel,
I wanted to pass along my appreciation and thanks for the EXCELLENT job Eldad did on our Via Dolorosa tour in Jerusalem Saturday morning, May 6.
He was very knowleable, had a great sense of humor, and went far beyond just a “this is King David’s tomb,” “this is where the Last Supper occurred” sort of recital. I really appreciated that he explained the politics and pressures, not only of today, but through thousands of years of human history in Jerusalem.
I definitely would recommend this tour, and Eldad, to others.

"Everything was perfectly organized" / Yael Geva - IDEA Bio-Medical Ltd

בוקר טוב
רציתי לשתף אתכם בהמלצה והמילים החמות שהאורחים שלנו נתנו על שני הסיורים שביצעתם עבורם בירושלים ובים המלח:

My friends, my husband and I would like to thank you very much for organizing the trip to the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.
Everything was knowledgeable, the guides were very professional and knowledgable and have taken very good care of us.
We had an amazing visit of Masada, beautiful natural site with impressive constructions and incredible history. The view over the Dead Sea and jordan was wonderful. The experience swimming in the Dead Sea was so unique, floating on the water and the sensation on the skin.
On Sunday, the visit to Jerusalem was so rich and enlightening. Clearly a very unique place in the world with such a rich history.

We enjoyed very much discovering Israel and had a great time thanks to you.
Again many thanks for organizing the trip for us.

Kind regards,

"We had a great time in Jordan" / Lilian Lehrer from Mishav Group

Dear Khader and Doron
We are home now enjoing our family and our house but remembering every minute off our wonderfull days in Jordan Thank you for giving us the possibility to know and respect this unique place in the world. Be sure and proud to be a perfect tourist guide with a lot of
intelligence and sensibility. We wish you ahappy future and hope meeting you again in another wonderfull place of the world

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