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Sehen Sie sich die speziellen Touren an, die wir auf Hebräisch, Arabisch, Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Russisch, Spanisch, Rumänisch und Chinesisch anbieten.


Ein interaktives Spiel in Jerusalem, Jaffa und Akko

Mehrtägige Ausflüge

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Empfehlungen Hunderte von Briefen voller Emotionen Mehr dazu

"We feel lucky to have had someone so open minded" / John Michael Murr

We loved it. Yotam is a great tour and we feel lucky to have had someone so open minded, easy going and knowledgeable.
It was a special day for the three of us in Jerusalem

"We had a great time in Jordan" / Lilian Lehrer from Mishav Group

Dear Khader and Doron
We are home now enjoing our family and our house but remembering every minute off our wonderfull days in Jordan Thank you for giving us the possibility to know and respect this unique place in the world. Be sure and proud to be a perfect tourist guide with a lot of
intelligence and sensibility. We wish you ahappy future and hope meeting you again in another wonderfull place of the world

"We will definitely recommend her to English speaking" / Ofer

Dafna, Tobi the guide was excellent, We loved Tobi so much that we will definitely recommend her to English speaking people that come to Israel. She is very bubbly and energetic and knowledgeable which makes the tour a lot of fun.

All in all we have left Jerusalem with wealth of information.
Please pass both Efrat and Tobi our gratitude.
Thank you,

"It really made our visit" / Andee

Doron, We just came back from our tour. Rachel was fantastic and so much about the old city. It really made our visit.
Thanks again


Hi Ariel,
Sorry for the late email but only now settled back in California 🙂
Wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for a fun, educating Bar Mitzva tour in Jerusalem.
You strike a great balance between the kids and the adults and everyone had a lot of fun.
We also learned new things and Matan left with a much better appriciation for our history.
Thanks again!

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