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Acre Treasure hunt – Action race

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Area: Old Acre

An adventure game, style Acre treasure hunt and the Amazing race in Acre. A crystallizing and amusing game that will do wonders for your team atmosphere and leave you with unforgettable memories! Join the game, taste and experience Acre in a different way

Acre Treasure hunt – Action Race is a new mission game in Akko combines interacting with smartphones, sending pictures, tastings in markets, cool ODT tasks and lots of content through experience. The game is built for groups of workplaces, group of friends, families and is available both in Hebrew and English. This is a wonderful and different activity helping you to experience the North of Israel in a uniquely innovative and energetic way. one of the best options for family Tours in the North of Israel

Location: Old Acre
Information about the Activity and schedule:

– Team building day for managers, company fun days, families (youth and above) in Hebrew and English
– The activity begins with a short explanation about acre that combines costumes that will be worn by you and an activity to “break the ice”.
– You can have a symbolic picnik of coffee and cake in an additional fare
– After the initial meeting we will be going out in small groups towards the alleys of the city
– At the end of the activity we will summarize shortly, share experiences and distribute prizes to the winners

Acre Treasure hunt Missions in Acre markets
Acre Treasure huntAcre Treasure hunt

Amazing race in Acre – a few more words

With a special kit built for the game, you will run through the alleyways of Acre and look for solutions to various puzzles. You will meet local merchants and taste what they have to offer, take pictures, play, do nonsense and especially learn how to experience the history of Acre and its fascinating sites.
At the end of the game you will have a collection of unusual pictures as a special souvenir from a fun day in Acre.
If you have already ascended to the north of the country, it is recommended to include a meal in amazing restaurants available nearby, and take part in other activities such as a tour to “Yehiam Fortress” or anywhere else in the area, including Acre, Nazareth, Haifa, the surrounding villages, etc

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