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Treasure Hunt In Jerusalem – City Quest

Treasure Hunt In Jerusalem – This is one of the most famous and old games where competition, knowledge of the area and strategic thinking are combined. Every sense is harnessed to one end, finding the treasure – scavenger hunt in Jerusalem

Can adults enjoy it? Can the vast array of values children enjoy be implemented with adults? A higher level of content, more difficult challenges that will force adults to make an effort, work as a team, develop leadership and strategy, keep time and a tight schedule and much more…
The answer is simple… YES WE CAN!

It is still very important to keep a few things in mind before you arrange trasure hunt game in Jerusalem:

The tasks must be original and compliant with the group’s character. A high level of experience must be kept while not letting go of the quality levels.
How can we do it? One must know everything about the area of the activity and be able to choose the tracks, the sites visited and the challenges very wisely. The activity must not leave a feeling of “we already did this once”, on the contrary, it must leave a feeling of “how come we didn’t do it until today?!”
The added value is very important in adult area games, it is important that we learn a few new things about the area, the group, our friends and co-workers or family. We need to learn about our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a team. We need to fortify our confidence with the good feeling of success, learn how to think before moving, develop strategy, move the people around us and a lot more values that you can choose to implement in the game we build for you.

Treasure Hunt In Jerusalem Working together
Treasure Hunt In Jerusalem Looking for answers

With years of experience with the area, thousands of field trips for working groups and families in Jerusalem that we served with love and devotion we learned how to be the best at anything related to the content through experience and our “Discover Jerusalem” treasure hunt game is the cherry on top!
We invite you to contact us and we would love to give advices and offer a custom package for your needs.

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