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Ultra Orthodox Neighborhoods Tour

  • Length: 3-4 hours
  • Area: Meaha shearim area

Ultra Orthodox Neighborhoods Tour in Jerusalem – Who’s hiding behind the black uniform? What’s the difference between Hasidim and Misnagdim? And what do the pashkvils (banners) say this week?

On this tour we go back in time and “under the sheets” into a world that conducts itself entirely differently from the world we’re familiar with. We’ll hear how it all started and where the ultra-orthodox world is headed. We’ll ask questions like, what are the kosher means of communication? What is the daily routine of an ultra-orthodox man? Why are they so pious? In this tour we will see Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox neighborhoods, visit various institutions, and meet notable figures and leaders.

Please dress very modestly: women in skirts and sleeves to the elbow, men with a skullcap and shorts below the knee.
* For this tour you will need a special tour guide in Jerusalem; not every tour guide can show you to the inside history and experiences.

Ultra Orthodox Neighborhoods Tour Lag Baomer in the Ultra Orthodox Neighborhoods
Ultra Orthodox Neighborhoods Tour Tish in Meaha Shearim

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