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Hanukkah Lamp Lighting Tour in Jerusalem

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Area: Old city of Jerusalem or Nachlaot

Hanukkah Lamp tour in Jerusalem – Jerusalem Tours

**From the second candle eve through the eighth.
Jerusalem’s winter lights up for one week every year: the week of Hanukkah. During this holiday thousands of Hanukkah Lamps, or Hannukiyot, line the windowsills in the city’s traditional neighborhoods, as a celebration of the miraculous restoration of worship in the Judean Temple, wrested from the Seleucid Empire in 160 BCE. Experience the joyous holiday spirit as the Hannukiyot are lit and celebrations commence!

Hanukkah Lamp Tour in Jerusalem Hanuka in the jewish quarter
Hanukkah Lamp Tour in Jerusalem Hanuka tour in nachlaot – JLM

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