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Bar Hopping Tour in Tel Aviv

  • Length: 2-3 hours
  • Area: TLV city

Bar Hopping Tour in Tel Aviv – What makes the hottest bars in Tel Aviv what they are? How did Israeli boutique beers enter the nightlife scene? What is the relation between a bar and an art gallery?

This Tel Aviv`s tour is led by a tour guide and an experienced bartender who is deeply familiar with the nightlife of Tel Aviv!
A bar tour in Tel Aviv takes you into the lively nightlife of Tel Aviv and the hottest and least-known spots in the city. We will start the tour in an intimate coffeehouse hidden in Tel Aviv’s most bustling boulevard, specializing in making special coffee from unique species of coffee beans that the owner imports independently. There we will be tasting various types of coffee accompanied by boutique sandwiches. Next we will visit a secret spot in the heart of Tel Aviv where young travelers meet from all over the world and create a new hangout scene. For a moment you could feel as if you are in a European city. Then we will have an introduction to Israeli boutique beers, hear what the specialists have to say about the developing field, and taste various delicious beers.
We’ll stop for a quick shot on the road in a cutting-edge pub, and for dessert we’ll party into the night through a dance bar, an art gallery, and a few more magical secret places.
On the tour you will enjoy a quick entrance with no entry fee, beer tastings, shots, special food, coffee, and more…
Tasting in various pubs in the city
Tasting Workshop

Bar Hopping Tour in Tel AvivTasting in various pubs in the city
Bar Hopping Tour in Tel AvivTasting Workshop


So what exactly is a bar hopping tour in Tel Aviv?

What makes this tour so unique is the magical and fun atmosphere of the city. You learn a lot, but mostly experience the vibes, tastes and nightlife of Tel Aviv!

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