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Tomcar and ATV Tours in Jerusalem

Tomcar and ATV Tours in Jerusalem, excursions in the green hills of Jerusalem are an extraordinary and challenging driving experience through mountain air, springs, and stunning scenery.

The Tomcar route leaves from the small community of Aminadav towards the Yad Kennedy observation point (no stops on the way), and from there goes down to Hurvat Seadim and the spring trail through the rough forest terrain, followed by a stop at the perennial spring Ein Sarig, including a brief review and changing of drivers; then on through the hills of Jerusalem to the Salmon forest, to be circled a few times ups and down before heading back to Aminadav.

Drivers must have a valid driver’s license!
This activity takes about an hour and a half altogether.

atv tours in jerusalem atv tours in jerusalem
atv tours in jerusalem In the middle of the ATV tour

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