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What is there to do in Jerusalem at night?

We used to joke that the most crowded place in Jerusalem at night was the road to Tel Aviv. Is this still so? Or does Jerusalem have more to offer at night than you knew about?

Jerusalem is certainly a different experience at night or by day. We gathered some ideas for what you can do in Jerusalem at night in the hope that you have the chance to enjoy Jerusalem’s surprising nightlife.

Attractions and tours in Jerusalem at night

The city of Jerusalem has a special magic at night. In order to experience it, you have to go out and walk. So what are the best attractions and tours you can take in at night in Jerusalem?

Night tours in Jerusalem

The night tours in Jerusalem can start at sunset, so you can witness the magical red moments as the sun colors the city’s stones, There are options for night tours of Jerusalem for different periods, holidays, and styles. For example, throughout the year you can take a night tour of the Old City, seeing the views from the rooftops or walking in the alleys. This tour is highly recommended as a romantic and unique experience.
If you wish to tour a different area, we recommend that a tour of bakeries in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem. These tours are usually on Thursdays in the evenings before the holy Shabbat. (Be sure to arrive in very modest clothing!)

You can also tour the bars in Jerusalem at night to drink, taste, and absorb the nighttime experience.
Holiday night walks in Jerusalem will be mainly during the Selichot period. The Selichot tour in Jerusalem will pass through the Jewish Quarter and end at the Western Wall. Hanukkah tours also take place in Jerusalem. The tours begin around 17:00 (it’s important to start on-time) and pass through the Jewish Quarter or the Nahlaot area.

For those who are looking for a unique historical experience, almost all of our night tours can be guided by an actor, who dramatizes the tour as various Jerusalem characters. Actor-guided tours are suitable for mixed groups in terms of ages or those looking for a lighter experience.

One night experience that even many Jerusalemites do not know about is the Ramadan tours of Jerusalem. This tour goes through the Old City and the Muslim Quarter to experience Ramadan’s special holiday customs and many delicacies.

What are the nightly attractions in Jerusalem?

There is still no amusement park or ice skating rink in Jerusalem, but there are a few special attractions at night in Jerusalem. The oldest is the Night Spectacular show at the Tower of David, where you can sit in an amazing archaeological site under the open sky and experience a wordless show that tells the history of the city.
With a nightly Segway tour in Jerusalem, you can enjoy the experience of hovering at night. These are limited to certain areas here but there is some flexibility. The recommended areas are the surroundings of Mishkenot Sha’ananim and the Old City.
You can also enjoy the game of The Amazing race of Jerusalem” at night. We will adjust the contents and areas of the game for you to emphasize more lighted places that are pleasant to walk around at night, especially for summer and autumn nights.

Jerusalem at nightA romantic night tour in Mishkenot Sha’ananim
Jerusalem at night Jaffa street in Jerusalem at night

What to do in Jerusalem at night with children?

Well, assuming they can stay up late, there are some great options for children at night in Jerusalem. First check the tourism site of Jerusalem`s municipality. Throughout the year there are a lot of festivals at nights in Jerusalem, such as the Festival of Light, Festival of Knights, Hamshushalim, and so on. Usually the activities there are also suitable for children. The city invests a tremendous amount in these events so you get a lot at a subsidized price! During the winter hours in Jerusalem, you can join a Chanukah menorah tour. This is a pleasant child-friendly experience in the Old City or the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods around the market.

Jerusalem’s nightlife and entertainment

While it used to be a secret known to only a handful of Jerusalemites in Nachlaot, oday everyone else knows that the Mahaneh Yehuda market area changes its character completely at night. Instead of the vegetable stalls, the doors of dozens of small pubs open, with chairs and tables spread out in the alleys of the market. You can find a number of neighborhood pubs worth visiting.
Other fun areas are the city center, the Russian Compound area, Nahalat Shiva. Anyone looking for a good beer will find plenty!

Eat and walk around Jerusalem at night

The restaurants in Jerusalem are also open at night. Some areas where you will find a concentration of travel are the station complex in Jerusalem, where you can rent a bike or see a variety of nightly attractions; Alrov Mamila Mall; and “Pansy”, a luxurious experience of entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. In the center of the city, of course, there are lots of restaurants scattered around Jaffa Street. Right next to Nahalat Shiva you will find the “Jerusalem-style” Tmol Shilshom. For those who want something different, there is also a good restaurant in the German Colony.

What to do in Jerusalem at night In conclusion,

there are many things to do in Jerusalem at night, whether it’s the turbulent nightlife in the market pubs, excellent restaurants in the station complex or city center, festivals for the whole family, or various attractions and a variety of nighttime tours. For organized groups we recommend a call to us at the office. We will understand exactly what you need are and surprise you with an original idea that will complete the night for you.

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