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About a Guided Tour in Jerusalem

Guided tour in Jerusalem, the ultimate tourism destination! The reunited town which holds thousands of years of history, a magical mix of religions, cultures, congregations, and ethnic groups who despite all of their tension share the same city and gives it a character unlike any other city in the world.

Jerusalem is a touristic treasure, with something for anyone: culture and museums for the art fans, religious and historic sites, multi-layered architecture, and also more earthly delights like amazing food, lively markets, antiques and fabrics for sale – all of the above make up the uniqueness of Israel’s capital.

How do you decide what to see out of all of this goodness?

All of us, as Israelis, have already visited Jerusalem more than once. It’s rare to find an Israeli citizen who has never been to the Western Wall, the Knesset area, or even in the Mahane Yehuda market. But is there really more to see in the city? Well, yes, and a lot of it!! Just because you’ve already had the tour of the most popular sites in the city, doesn’t mean you’ve enjoyed all the amazing experiences Jerusalem has to offer.

If you want to discover new ways to travel in Jerusalem that will surprise even Israelis, think about taking guided tours in Jerusalem from those who are specialized in giving this kind of tour of the city. If you are planning a tour of Jerusalem for a family event, or at work, or just a fun day, you should first check out the tour companies who are specialized in giving guided tours to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, the capital from a whole different angle

Because of the richness of the city, guided tours in Jerusalem might have a completely different character each time. Guided tours in Shabbat will look different from the same tours on weekdays; group tours with children will be quite different from adult guided tours. For exactly these reasons, you should find someone who knows how to match the perfect trip to your group’s personality, the city’s atmosphere, and the different limitations, if there are any.

First, the quality and professionalism of your guide is very important. Because Jerusalem is a city with complicated history and present realities, you must have a guide who knows the city like the palm of his hand, a true resident of Jerusalem who knows the city and its most charming spots, who knows how to manage himself in the different sites and in front of the unique citizens of the city, and who knows how to give you all this with charm and humor so you will be truly fascinated.

Want examples?

Change the time and perspective. Go to a nightly observation point’s tour of the city, which takes place from the rooftop height of the Old City and its surroundings. This is a charming example of another way to experience Jerusalem.

At night, Jerusalem glows with glory and holy solemnity. You can watch the sunset above David’s Tower and the city walls, enjoy the night view of Mishkanot Sha’ananim and the Sultan’s Pool, and absorb the atmosphere of the city at night. You can also do the opposite! Go below, to explore the tunnels and the secrets of the underground world of Jerusalem. You can pass a whole day in the dark water pools around the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, in the Struthion Pool and other sites with a cool and mysterious atmosphere. That’s a tour especially suited for hot summer days.

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