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Tour Guide in Tel Aviv – recommendations and tips

What is most important to you on your fun day is a tour guide in Tel Aviv, a guide who knows the unfamiliar corners of the city

Every tour guide in Israel is also a tour guide in Tel Aviv, But what happens when you want to discover the lesser known places? Understand the real atmosphere of Tel Aviv?

Why is it important to invest in choosing the best tour guide in Tel Aviv?

So, as has already been said, almost every tour guide will be happy to take you on a tour in Tel Aviv, but how much can you travel to Independence Hall and the Rothschild area? And even for those who have not been there for years, there is tremendous profit in choosing a tour guide who specializes in Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv, as in Jerusalem, there seems to be a certain craze that causes Tel Aviv tour guides to fall in love and delve into the city, creating a complete scene of tour guides who can guide all over the country but choose to focus only on Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
The great benefit of going on a tour with a real Tel Aviv tour guide is the deep familiarity with the small nuances, for example who knows who the woman who lives above the alley? Where exactly does Tirza Atar live? And of course to identify for you the colorful Tel Aviv characters passing by on every tour of Tel Aviv.

What distinguishes tour guides in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is a city that is more open and lighter than Jerusalem, so is the nature of the Tel Aviv tour guides more light, Here has developed a very large scene of graffiti tours that deal with street art and fascinating language that real Tel Avivians will not always understand, Tours between artisans who disappear from the world, tours of art galleries and even a tour following Habimah Theater, You can also find a highly developed scene of guided tours, tours in Tel Aviv passed by a player instead of a tour guide, in many cases the same player is also a qualified guide.
Of course, nightlife does not separate from the city without a break – Tel Aviv and there are a variety of bar tours in Tel Aviv, tour guides who really specialize in the subject and lead the group in an intoxicating experience among the best pubs in town!

Tour Guide in Tel Aviv A tour of poets and drunks in Tel Aviv
Tour Guide in Tel Aviv Graffiti in Tel Aviv

Tour guides in Tel Aviv markets

The culinary scene in Tel Aviv is quite developed, here you will find Tel Aviv tour guides who work mainly in the markets, tours in the Levinsky market have become a name and compete in tours in other markets around the world, In the markets, of course, one must personally know the owners of the stores. To know which of the characters can tell a story and feel the group and who can wear it, a tour of the Carmel Market and the Yemenite vineyard, tours of the flea market in Old Jaffa and more.
Most of the tasting tours will naturally connect to the history of the surroundings, so Levinsky Market will connect Neve Tzedek and the Carmel to the Yemenite vineyard, the flea to Old Jaffa and so on.

So how do you choose a tour guide in Tel Aviv?

Our recommendation is, of course, tell us who you are, what the purpose of the day is and what you have already done, we will find the most accurate guide that will lead you to an unforgettable experience, and that is our responsibility!

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